Quick Answer: Do DECT Phones Work On VoIP?

DECT Phones and VoIP

Can you use your DECT phone with VoIP?

You sure can, since VoIP works perfectly well with traditional phones connected to a landline.

Your DECT phone does connect to a landline, the only difference being that it extends to one or more handsets.

Does VoIP require a special phone?

A: No, you do not need a computer for phone-based VoIP services. An ATA (sometimes provided free of charge through your VoIP provider) can be connected to your existing phone to a high-speed internet connection.

How can I use analog phone with VoIP?



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Analog phone on VoIP network, or how can you extend your


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Can different DECT phones work together?

The short and simple answer is: yes, sometimes. Assuming both the handset and the base are compatible and utilise the same protocols to transfer information (namely, DECT and the DECT protocol GAP) the handset and base will be able to function together.

What does DECT Phone mean?

By Vangie Beal Short for Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications DECT is a digital wireless technology that originated in Europe, but is now used worldwide. DECT is a radio technology for voice data applications (such as cordless telephones, wireless offices and even wireless telephone lines to the home).