Do You Need Phone Lines For VoIP?

VoIP phone systems do not require you to install physical wiring.

VoIP desk phones connect to your Internet network via Ethernet cables.

Softphones and webphones can connect to your VoIP phone system via wireless Internet.

But VoIP phone systems don’t use ‘phone lines’ in the traditional sense of the term.

Does VoIP require a phone line?

Since VoIP uses the Internet to make and receive calls, you must have a reliable Internet connection. In order to make sure you can easily use your VoIP phone system, you need to have enough bandwidth.

What is needed for VoIP?

For VoIP with a computer, you’ll need… a laptop or desktop computer with an internet connection, the right software, and either a headset or speakers and a microphone.

Is VoIP the same as a landline?

VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. The phone are connected using the same broadband internet connection that plugs into a computer or router. VoIP phones convert calls into digital signals within the phone itself. They don’t rely on the physical exchanges that landlines do.

What is phone line type VoIP?

A VoIP phone is a hardware- or software-based telephone designed to use voice over IP (VoIP) technology to send and receive phone calls over an IP network. They also have additional performance requirements because phone calls are placed over the internet instead of the legacy public switched telephone network (PSTN).