Question: Does Belong International Roaming?

Belong doesn’t offer international roaming – so if you’re planning to use your phone overseas, you’ll need to get a travel SIM or buy a local SIM card when you arrive at your destination.

Or mooch off free public Wi-Fi.

Can I use my belong SIM overseas?

No, your service is for use in Australia only. You won’t be able to use it to make or receive calls or to send messages while you’re overseas, or to access mobile data while overseas. We don’t currently offer any international roaming options.

What is the cheapest international roaming?

Airtel Roaming International Plans & Offers Prepaid List

Pack / Plan Validity Price (Rs.)
International Roaming Pack 296 30 days 296
International Roaming Pack 446 90 days 446

What is free international roaming?

International roaming is when you connect to a mobile network in a country other than the one you live in. Therefore if you answer your phone using your regular SIM card while roaming you will be charged a per-minute rate (unless you have an international SIM that gives you free roaming in that country).

Can I use my Telstra data overseas?

An International Day Pass lets you use your Telstra mobile service while you are overseas, and save on roaming costs. To find out how you can use your Pre-Paid device overseas, view our International Roaming with your Pre-Paid service support page.