Question: Does Facebook Video Chat Use A Lot Of Data?

Originally Answered: How much data is consumed in video call via Facebook messenger?

According to what I’ve experienced, a 45–60 minutes video call consumes around 400 MB of data.

But, this may vary based on your internet speed as the quality of the video is determined by messenger based on your internet speed.

Does video call use a lot of data?

Apple’s FaceTime used the least amount of data in the test, eating up 8.8MB of data in a 4-minute call. Skype and WhatsApp consumed an average of 12.3MB and 12.74MB of mobile data during video calls. The amount of data consumed was calculated as an average of 3 calls made using each app.

Does FB video call use data?

Facebook Messenger video calling destroyed an average of 22 MB after a 5 minute video call. For the best experience for video calling I recommend a decently fast wifi connection at least 1 Mbps or 4G mobile broadband with actual data bundles rather than social media bundles.

Does FB Messenger use a lot of data?

Re: Fb messenger

This app sends messages over a data connection and does not count towards any (unlimited)texting plan. It counts against your cellular data allowance unless you have a wifi connection when sending/receiving a message.

What video chat app uses the least data?

The 5 Best Messenger Apps with the Least Data Usage

  • Zangi Safe Messenger. Let’s start with the app that uses the least data on voice and video calls without compromising quality.
  • Facebook Messenger. Following global messaging app trends, Facebook smoothly turned its chat into a separate messenger service.
  • Nimbuzz.
  • LINE.