Question: Does Rapid Fire Mod Work On Automatic Weapons?

The rapid fire will transform semi-automatic weapons including pistols and primarily assault rifles into fully automatic weapons.

This means that instead of pulling the trigger each time to shoot , the user will press and hold and the weapon will continuously fire.

What does rapid fire do on a controller?

Rapid Fire controller is designed to make semi-auto or “single fire” guns shoot fully automatic ones. It is also used for “single fire” or semi-auto guns as Rapid Fire Feature is faster and more accurate than normal firing.

How do I turn off rapid fire mod?

To turn Rapid Fire OFF:

  • Hold down mod switch on the back.
  • Tap D-pad down button. First LED will turn OFF. Rapid Fire is OFF.

How do you rapid fire mod a ps4 controller?

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PS4 Activate Rapid Fire – (MASTER MOD GUIDE #3) – YouTube


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What is quick aim Mod?

Auto – Aim is a mod that relates only to Call of Duty Zombie Games. Auto Aim will cause your controller to snap the crosshair into place over your enemy. This is only available on the Master Mod.

Can modded controllers get you banned?

No, our modded controllers are 100% undetectable online. It’s a common misconception that your account with Microsoft or PlayStation will be banned for using a modded controller. We have been building modded controllers for over five years and haven’t had a single case of a customer being banned for using our product.

Are modded controllers allowed?

Is it legal to use a modded controller? Yes it is legal to use a modified video game controller. While we don’t condone using it online, it is undetectable and cannot get you banned.

Does elite controller have rapid fire?

We made this XBOX ONE Elite Modded controller to give you advanced rapid fire in your game. This Elite controller for XBOX ONE works around patches for all FPS games like Halo, Call of Duty, WWII Destiny, Battlefield, Doom, Overwatch, and more.

How does rapid fire change speed?

To change the rapid fire speed you only need to TAP “UP” or “DOWN” on the D-pad. Up will make the speed faster and down will make it slower. The player 4 LED will flash every time you press “UP” or “DOWN” to indicate you have made a change.

How do you reset a modded controller?

To reset all modes, speeds, and delays to the factory default settings, follow these steps:

  1. Hold down the mod switch and tap PS-Home button, then release both buttons.
  2. Hold down the PS-Home button and tap D-Pad Down.
  3. Turn the controller off and back on.