Question: How Do I Stop Anonymous Calls?

Method 3 Blocking Anonymous Calls on a Landline

  • Dial *77 on your phone at the dial tone. This will activate anonymous call blocking on a landline telephone.
  • Press *87 at the dial tone to deactivate. If you wish to allow unknown names and numbers to call you again, dial this code to disable this feature.

Is there a way to block unknown callers on iPhone?

Method 2 Blocking Calls Labeled as “Unknown”

  1. Open your Phone app. It’s a green app in the lower left corner of your iPhone’s home screen.
  2. Tap Contacts.
  3. Tap +.
  4. Type “Unknown” into the first and last name fields.
  5. Tap Save.
  6. Tap Block this Caller.
  7. Tap Block Contact.

Does * 77 block calls?

Anonymous Call Rejection* (*77) intercepts calls from people who have used a blocking feature to prevent their name or number from being provided to people they call. When Anonymous Call Rejection is activated, callers hear a message telling them to hang up, unblock delivery of their phone number and call again.

How do I block last incoming calls?

Once this feature is activated, the number will automatically be added to your Selective Call Rejection list.

  • To block future calls from the last number, dial *97.
  • To manage or modify your Selective Call Rejection list, dial *60.