Quick Answer: How Does Cisco Phone System Work?

How does IP phone system work?

In simpler words, IP phones work by taking telephone conversations and routing them through an IP phone system, also known as a VoIP system, over a network cable, into the network, and then out and into the internet.

What is Cisco phone system?

Enterprise scale phone system, mobility, messaging, contact center, and conferencing in a modular, scale-out server solution. The Cisco Spark service is a complete collaboration-as-a-service (CaaS) offering that delivers unified messaging, meeting, and calling capabilities that are hosted by Cisco and sold by partners.

How much is a Cisco phone system?

A new Cisco phone system that includes 1 SPA9000 unit and 12 Cisco phones costs between $2,000 and $2,500 (note price does not include SPA400). A SPA 400 voicemail gateway costs around $500. Cisco IP phones cost anywhere from $20 to $900.

What is the use of Cisco IP phone?

A Cisco IP Phone is a full-feature telephone that provides voice communication over the same data network that your computer uses. This phone functions much like a traditional analog phone, allowing you to place and receive telephone calls.