How Long Does PhoneSoap Last?

How often should you use PhoneSoap?

The lightbulbs we use in our products have a lifespan of 4,000 hours – which is 240,000 minutes.

That means you can use your PhoneSoap 3 about 24,000 times before the bulbs burn out.

If they happen to burn out before then, we’ll replace them at no cost to you so you can keep on sanitizing!.

What happened to PhoneSoap after shark tank?

Phonesoap After Shark Tank The business mogul invested in the brand, and soon after, the co-founders launched another Kickstarter campaign, this time for another product: Phonesoap XL, a disinfectant for tablets. Currently, the company is happy to be enjoying great success.

Did PhoneSoap get a deal on Shark Tank?

This year started off with a bang – a feature on Shark Tank! PhoneSoap was fortunate enough to receive three offers and ultimately chose Lori Greiner as their partner. Lori was confident that the product would be wildly successful on the television shopping network, QVC.

What can I put in my PhoneSoap?

For most smartphones, there is a button you regularly push to turn your screen on and off. What else can I put inside PhoneSoap? Anything that fits inside! Credit cards, keys, smartwatch – you name it. As long as it fits and is not wet, you can sanitize it using PhoneSoap.

Does Best Buy sell PhoneSoap?

PhoneSoap 3 UV-C Sanitizer Black 500-2 – Best Buy.

Does the PhoneSoap really work?

Laboratory tests have shown that PhoneSoap kills 99.9% of common household germs, including bacteria that leads to E. Coli, Salmonella, Staph, Flu, and the common cold.

Which is the best UV Sanitizer?

Munchkin Portable UV Sterilizer. $20. … 59S Nursery Sterilizer. $130. … Coral UV Sterilizer and Dryer. $149. … BVibe UV Sterilizer Pouch. $85. … HoMedics UV-Clean Portable Sanitizer. $77. … Totallee UV Phone Sanitizer. $119. … BRIGHTINWD UV Light Mini Sanitizer Travel Wand. $17. … 59S UV Light Sanitizer Wand. $120.More items…•

What is the difference between PhoneSoap 3 and Phonesoap go?

PhoneSoap 3 vs. The dimensions are absolutely identical both inside and out, but the difference here is that you can charge the PhoneSoap Go and then use it anywhere. A full charge can provide up to 45 sanitizing cycles, or you can siphon off some of that 6,000 mAh cell’s charge to top up your phone while sanitizing.

Does PhoneSoap work with a case?

Yes! In fact, we encourage you to keep your phone case on your phone while you use PhoneSoap. Most of the bacteria on our hands is passed to our phone cases. PhoneSoap was designed to fit your phone with the case on.

Can you use Clorox wipes on phones?

If you don’t have access to Lysol wipes, a Clorox wipe is okay to use — Apple just updated its advice to say that Clorox-branded disinfecting wipes and other common disinfectants are safe to use on your phone. Or, you can try a mixture of mild soap and water applied to a microfiber cloth.

Does the PhoneSoap UV light sanitizer for phones really work?

It turns out that UV radiation does a decent job of destroying and damaging DNA. … So, the answer is yes, UV phone sanitizers can kill germs. New experiments suggest that UVC can kill COVID-19, and long-term studies prove that the technology can reliably destroy SARS, a strain of coronavirus.

Can you put Apple Watch in PhoneSoap?

Thankfully, PhoneSoap 3.0’s UV cleaning method is effective at killing 99.9% of the germs on your watch, leaving it as squeaky-clean as the day you bought it, if not more so!

Can you put keys in PhoneSoap?

No liquid, heat, or chemicals are used in PhoneSoap 3, so its safe to sanitize anything that will fit inside! The UV-C light will kill bacteria on the surface of anything the light reaches – think remotes, glasses, keys, credit cards – the possibilities are endless!

How much does PhoneSoap cost?

And today, it’s down to one of its lowest prices ever at $42 (originally $59.99; PhoneSoap features two UV-C bulbs that sanitize your phone by killing 99.99% of all bacteria and germs (PhoneSoap recommends keeping your phone case on, since that’s just as dirty as your phone).

What is the best cell phone sanitizer?

Steri Wand Sanitizing Light.Munchkin Portable Electric UV Sanitizer.Homedics UV-Clean Phone Sanitizer.HomeSoap.Larq Self-Cleaning 17 oz Water Bottle.SteriPen American Red Cross UV Water Purifier.Dazzlepro Electric Toothbrush with UV Sanitizing Base.Uncommon Goods Self-Sanitizing Water Bottle.More items…•

Can you put jewelry in PhoneSoap?

This UV-C light sanitizer will kill 99.99% of bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Not only will the PhoneSoap safely sanitize your jewelry but it will also disinfect your other belongings such as phones, credit cards, headphones, eyeglasses, watches, and much more.

How do you clean your phone from germs?

Apple and a number of Android device manufacturers offer similar recommendations:Unplug the device before cleaning.Use a lint-free cloth slightly dampened with soap and water.Don’t spray cleaners directly onto the device.Avoid aerosol sprays and cleaning solutions that contain bleach or abrasives.More items…•