Question: How Much Does Cell Phone Cost Per Month?

Pre-paid cell phone plans typically cost $30-$100 per month, depending on usage needs.

Basic talk and text plans are less expensive than plans that include data or unlimited talk time.

For example, Sprint[5] has unlimited pre-paid phone plans from $50-$70 per month.

Virgin Mobile[6] has plans for $35-$55 per month.

What is the average cell phone bill?

Today, the average monthly cell phone bill is $73, according to a recent J.D. Power report.

What is the best and cheapest cell phone service?

Best cheap cell phone plans
Wireless provider Republic Wireless (Review)
Monthly price $20, taxes and fees extra Add more high-speed data for $5/GB
Network T-Mobile, Sprint (Coverage map)
Bring your own phone Androids only (Check compatibility)

1 more row

How much should I pay for a cell phone?

The average American is now shelling out around $110 per month on cell phone service. How much you pay will depend on several things, including how much data you use, how much your state charges in taxes and if you are on a financing plan or buy your phone outright.