Quick Answer: How Much Is RingCentral Monthly?

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*Regular monthly price is $25.99 for Pro, $29.99 for ProPlus and $49.99 for Office Standard (if paid on monthly basis).

How much does ring central cost?

RingCentral is a cloud-based VoIP phone system provider with tiered pricing plans between $19.99 and $49.99. Prices vary depending on number of users and billing schedule chosen. Specific features are provided with each of its four tiers, but all include unlimited calling, faxing, texting, and access to the mobile app.

Is RingCentral free?

RingCentral Meetings™ provides video conferencing, audio calls, and web sharing and is included at no additional charge with RingCentral Office®.

Is RingCentral good?

The good: LOTS of features; tech…

The good: LOTS of features; tech support is friendly and reasonably competent (you may be calling them a lot); porting numbers out of RingCentral was no problem.

How much does 8×8 cost?

8×8 offers its customers three pricing plans for their Virtual Office service, each billed on a per month per user basis. The Virtual Office X2 Edition costs $25.00 per month per user.

How do softphones work?

A softphone is a software program for making telephone calls over the Internet using a general purpose computer rather than dedicated hardware. A softphone is usually used with a headset connected to the sound card of the PC or with a USB phone.

How do I join a RingCentral meeting?

Click Sign In and enter your email or RingCentral phone number/extension and password. Select Join a Meeting and enter the meeting ID to join as a participant. Open the app and log in with your RingCentral phone number, extension, and password.

How do I use RingCentral?



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What can RingCentral do?

Business SMS is a feature for the RingCentral cloud business phone system that lets users exchange unlimited text messages with colleagues, clients, and department groups, using their RingCentral business numbers. RingCentral for Desk is a cloud-based app that integrates the RingCentral phone system with Desk.com.

How do I cancel RingCentral?

1. Have you RingCentral account information ready and call (888) 898-4591. 2. Hold times are commonly very low at RingCentral, therefore you won’t wait too long until a representative answers the phone and processes your request to cancel your RingCentral service.

Can you text with RingCentral?

The RingCentral Business SMS / MMS feature allows you to message your colleagues right from the RingCentral Phone for Mobile. Use one business number for voice, fax and text messages. Send to any number and extension with up to 1,000 characters using the RingCentral Phone for Mobile.

What is the best VoIP service for small business?

13 best VoIP providers for small businesses

  • Ring Central: Best full-service VoIP.
  • Nextiva: Best inexpensive VoIP provider.
  • Grasshopper: Best for mobile businesses.
  • Ooma: Best VoIP for small businesses.
  • Vonage: Best VoIP service for growing businesses.
  • Verizon: Best VoIP for midsized businesses.
  • 8×8: Best international calling.

Is RingCentral Hipaa compliant?

RingCentral offers a HIPAA compliant account option.

RingCentral’s HIPAA-compliant solution ensures that customer calls and messages are secure with encryption in transit and at-rest, along with other features, protecting patient data and guarding against unauthorized access to protected health information.

How can I receive calls on my laptop?



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Is Skype a softphone?

Google Talk, Skype, CounterPath’s Bria, etc; however, in order to use a softphone, users will need the application (often called the client), an Internet connection, AND a VoIP service provider. While some softphones (Skype, Gizmo, etc.) are pre-configured with VoIP service, others are not.

What is a SIP softphone?

SoftPhone can be used to make voice/video calls over internet. Unlike traditional phonelines or GSM network towers it uses the internet and VoIP protocols (SIP) to make calls. You can install SoftPhone on computer or mobile phone and register SIP account with a sip provider and dial the other VoIP number.