Quick Answer: Is A VoIP Free?

VoIP is said to be cheap, but most people use it for free.

Yes, if you have a computer with a microphone and speakers, and a good Internet connection, you can communicate using VoIP for free.

This can also be possible with your mobile and home phone.

The way you make calls varies with the VoIP service you use.

Can you get VoIP for free?

With a phone and a VoIP adapter – Using a special adapter, you can make VoIP calls from a regular old landline phone. Calling someone else who has the app is free, but calling an actual phone number will usually cost a little. With a smartphone – You can use your smartphone to make voice calls using certain apps.

Do you have to pay for VoIP?

The VoIP provider does not have to build the individual Internet connection to each customer. This is how most VoIP calls (specifically domestic calls) become free as a provider does not have to pay any termination charges (if the entire call travels over the Internet) or recover infrastructure investments.

How much does VoIP cost?

VoIP can cost anywhere from free up to $200 per month but will generally cost anywhere from $10 to $50 per month depending on the type of service you order. VoIP can be free when you use a service where the call is routed from PC to PC.

What is a VoIP phone number used for?

Phone Numbers and VoIP Origination

In IP communications, the number is just an identifier for making calls on the network. One number can be attached to multiple devices, and a user can make and receive calls from the same VoIP number using their smartphone, desk phone or any other internet-capable device.