Quick Answer: Is MagicJack Better Than Vonage?

As with customer service, comparing Vonage vs.

magicJack and the features offered indicates that Vonage is the superior service provider.

Vonage has more advanced call control features and greater flexibility with its calling plans and extension options.

However, that doesn’t mean that magicJack has little to offer.

What is the best alternative to Vonage?

Top 10 Vonage Alternatives For Your Home Phone Service

  • VoIPo.
  • Ooma.
  • PhonePower.
  • ViaTalk.
  • magicJack.
  • ITPVoIP.
  • 1-VoIP.
  • netTALK.

Is Vonage a good phone service?

Bottom Line

To get satisfaction with Vonage VoIP service, you have to have a good broadband connection, at least 90 kbps. Dial-up simply won’t work well. Vonage has the greatest number of features among providers. Some are very interesting and useful, like voicemail and 911.

Which is better OOMA or magicJack?

Both magicJack and Ooma provide good service, and it’s a tight race between the two. Ooma has an advantage with all the VoIP features it offers through its Premier Service plan, but magicJack has better free features. magicJack is also certainly the better option when it comes to its technology and pricing.

What Internet speed do I need for Vonage?

Vonage recommends minimum upload speed of 90 kilobytes per second or greater per phone line to attain the highest audio quality.