Is There An NBN Connection Fee?

Is there a connection fee for NBN?

We do not have any standard connection fees for our nbn™ services.

Possible set up charges are if you require a new nbn™ compatible broadband router, in a new housing development or opt to have a new line connected.

You can view our router options on our hardware page.

Is NBN free to connect?

A standard installation of nbn™ Equipment is currently free of charge.

How long does it take to get connected to the NBN?

Typically, NBN™ connections are completed within 2-20 business days – this varies depending on whether or not you’ve already had your NBN™ equipment installed as well as NBN™ technician availability.

What is the new development fee?

“On 2 April 2016 nbn™ introduced the New Development Charge which is a one-time charge of $300 to all new orders for services in new development locations. This charge is a contribution in a new development to the infrastructure cost of the nbn™ network.