Question: How Much Do You Pay For DStv PVR?

How much is DStv Explora compact monthly?

The current DStv Compact price is R399 per month.

You can also get the annual subscription which includes DStv Explora, free delivery of equipment, and installation.

DStv Compact price lock option also comes with a 50% off your Showmax subscription..

Do you need a new dish for DStv Explora?

Installation of the DStv Explora 2 requires an 80cm satellite dish together with a DStv Smart LNB (not included). Please wait for all three tuners to show signal on this screen, before pressing OK to continue.

How do I get catch up?

You can also watch catch up TV using a device that plugs into your TV’s HDMI port. Popular devices include the Amazon Fire TV Stick, Google Chromecast and the Roku Express, and they won’t break the bank either – all three are less than £50 each.

How do I activate Explora catch up?

Once you’ve connected your DStv Explora to the internet in your home, you need to switch the feature “On” (to do this, press the blue DStv button, select “Settings”, select “User Preferences”, select “Connected Services” and set DStv Catch Up Plus to “On”).

Is catch up free?

DStv Catch Up is a decoder-only service where series, movies, sports, and documentaries are “pushed” to PVR-capable decoders. … Subscribers must pay a monthly access fee of R85 for the service, which includes access to DStv Catch Up, PVR usage, and XtraView.

What can a PVR do?

Like the familiar VCR, a PVR records and plays back television programs, but, unlike the VCR, it stores the programs in digital (rather than analog) form. Like a VCR, a PVR has the ability to pause, rewind, stop, or fast-forward a recorded program.

What is the difference between DStv Explora and PVR?

More space for your recordings The HD PVRs allow 50 hours of HD recordings or 150 hours of SD recordings. The DStv Explora allows you to record up to 220 hours of your favourite programming (a mix of HD and SD). You’ll never be lost for something to watch!

Can I watch Netflix on DStv Explora?

All you need to do is hit the APPS button on your Explora remote, and then sign into Netflix. The same goes for Showmax, which is also accessible through the APPS button on the Explora Ultra remote.

Does DStv Explora work with compact?

DStv Catch Up on the Explora is available to DStv Premium, Compact Plus, Compact and Family customers. … If you connect your DStv Explora to the internet, you’ll find even more content to enjoy on Catch Up Plus, including more series and hundreds of movies (exclusive to DStv Premium customers).

How much is DStv PVR in Nigeria?

DSTV Installation Currently the cost of getting DSTV is 18,600 Naira. This includes cost of decoder, dish, dish kit (installation kit), remote, and one month free subscription to the compact package.

Does PVR work with DStv Compact?

DStv Compact users can now also enjoy the 24-hour BoxOffice offering. … BoxOffice is available via the HD PVR and Explora decoders to Premium, Extra and Compact customers, while BoxOffice online is available to all customers – DStv subscribers and non-subscribers.

How much is XtraView on DStv Compact?

DStv Xtraview is a way of linking 2 to three decoders under a single subscription. You pay an additional R100 for each decoder in the extra view. All decoders can watch different channels at the same time.

Do you pay extra for DStv Explora?

Do you pay extra for DStv Explora? The DStv Explora decoder has advanced features with the aim of improving your TV viewing experience. You will need to pay a monthly subscription to enjoy different functionalities such as the PVR, pausing live TV among others.

How does DStv PVR work?

DSTV Explora decoder offers full Personal Video Recoder (PVR) functionality. PVR enables you to record TV shows for later viewing. Multichoice claims their DSTV Explora can record up to 220 hours of content. The decoder has internal storage of 2 Terabytes enough to store about 9 days of recorded TV video footage.

Can I trade in my old DStv decoder?

You will keep accessing DStv for as long as your older Single View decoder is still working. You can, however, trade-in your active Single View decoder at any of our service centres or agencies for a brand new DStv HD Decoder for only R349.

Is catch up free on DStv?

Do I have to pay extra to get Catch Up? No, Catch Up is available to all our subscribers. You can either stream online (via our website or using the DStv app). If you are using a PVR, there is an Access Fee when using features making use of the hard drive (which includes Catch Up).

Do you pay extra for PVR?

The monthly cost for a single HD PVR is the DStv subscription for your selected package(s) ie. DStv Premium, DStv Compact, DStv Indian, DStv fr or DStv Bue as well as an access fee. The access fee is charged to access multiple channels simultaneously (be this for viewing or recording).

How do I activate my PVR?

How to activate your wired HD receiver or PVROnce you see the Fibe TV activation screen, press SELECT to begin the activation.Select the desired language.Select Activate. … If youʼre repairing a PVR, press SELECT to restart your HD PVR. … If you have an HD PVR, itʼs now restarting.More items…