Quick Answer: What Does Notch Mean?

Which is the first notch phone?

iPhone XApple’s iPhone X was the first mainstream phone to grab attention for its notch – and often not in a complimentary way.

(Apple wasn’t the first to introduce the notch; that distinction goes to Essential, the smartphone start-up founded by former Android head Andy Rubin.).

What is a notch in a mountain?

A notch is a small cut or nick in something. A notch is also part of a mountain range that is lower than the peaks around it — also called a mountain pass. …

What does it mean to be top notch?

If you describe someone or something as top-notch, you mean that they are of a very high standard or quality. [informal]

What does turn it down a notch mean?

Deflate or humble someone, as in He’s so arrogant that I wish someone would take him down a notch, or That defeat took them down a peg. Both notch and peg in this idiom allude to a series, the former of indentations, the latter of knobs, used to raise or lower something.

What is a notch in anatomy?

Notch – A depression in a bone which often, but not always, provides stabilization to an adjacent articulating bone. The articulating bone will slide into and out of the notch, guiding the range of motion of the joint.

Which phone has the first notch?

Yes, Essential was the first brand to market with a notch, launching the PH-1 on May 30, 2017. The notch was fairly well received as a small cut-out that gave the phone a unique shape and managed a best-in-class screen-to-body ratio of 84.9 percent.

What is the synonym of Notch?

In this page you can discover 35 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for notch, like: nock, nick, indent, chisel, cut, groove, dent, crenellate, degree, dint and gash.

What does notch mean in slang?

notch on one’s bedpost (plural notches on one’s bedpost) (idiomatic, slang, offensive) A sexual conquest; a casual sexual partner.

Is top notch formal?

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishˌtop-ˈnotch adjective informal something that is top-notch is of the highest quality or standard I was lucky and got myself a job with a top-notch company.

What is the opposite of Notch?

unimportance. Noun. ▲ Opposite of a notch or line cut or scratched into a surface.

How do you use notch in a sentence?

Notch sentence examples”I’m just turning the heat up a notch,” he added. … It’s a top notch hospital. … The thread was secured by a spiral notch in the stick. … He’d recently employed a deputy who was doing a top notch job. … My security system is top notch though I’ve had little need to utilize it.More items…

What is the meaning of Notch in Mobile?

cut-outA notch is essentially a cut-out, at the top, of a part of the screen display. … This makes the phone an even better productivity device, since the extra display space can be particularly useful with apps such as document editors, or sharing screen space among two apps.

Is notch display good or bad?

Like a taller aspect ratio, a notch helps you fit more screen in the same footprint while leaving room for the camera and sensors. You might not be using that chunk of screen very often anyway. The middle section of the status bar is usually empty (unless you’re the type to let notifications pile up for hours).

What is the notch effect?

A notch is basically each change of the cross-section of a component. … It may come from drill holes, grooves or cross-sectional variations. Notches result in uneven stress distribution, leading to stress peaks – known as the notch effect.