Quick Answer: What Is A VoIP Phone Adapter?

A VoIP adapter is a device that converts analog voice signals into digital IP packets for transport over an IP network.

A VoIP adapter also converts digital IP packets in analog voice streams.

Standard VoIP adapters connect to analog telephones via an FXS port.

Can a normal phone be used for VoIP?

Use Your Regular Phone for VoIP. You can now use any phone to make Voice over Internet (VoIP) calls. Simply wait for the dial tone, and you’re ready to make and receive calls.

What is an adapter for a phone?

An analog telephone adapter (ATA) is a device for connecting traditional analog telephones, fax machines, and similar customer-premises devices to a digital telephone system or a voice over IP telephony network.

How can I use analog phone with VoIP?



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How does an analog telephone adapter work?

An analog telephone adaptor (ATA) is a device used to connect a standard telephone to a computer or network so that the user can make calls over the Internet. The software acts as an intermediary between the telephone and a VoIP server, digitizing voice data so that it can be transmitted over the Internet.