Quick Answer: What Is Avaya Aura?

Avaya’s Aura is a suite of communication products, all bundled together in an effort to reach the dream of unified communications for businesses.

Under its current configuration, Avaya claims Aura will scale up to 25,000 locations, with 250,000+ users.

What is Avaya system?

Avaya is a global leader in the contact center market, providing companies with reliable and scalable communications-centric solutions. Avaya Aura Contact Center Suite is the contact center solution for Avaya Aura customers. It creates a single integrated system, combining voice, video, chat, email or social media.

What is Avaya Aura Communication Manager?

Avaya Aura® Communication Manager is an open, extensible IP telephony platform that can be deployed as an IP PBX or feature server supporting a SIP-only environment, or as an evolution server supporting both SIP and non-SIP environments.

What is Avaya Aura Session Manager?

Avaya Aura™Session Manager is a SIP routing and integration tool and the core component within the Avaya Aura™ Enterprise Edition solution. It integrates all the SIP entities across the entire enterprise network within a company.

What is Avaya Call Center Elite?

The Avaya Aura® Call Center Elite call routing software is an Automatic Call Distribution application that maximizes routing and resource selection, allowing agents to handle calls more effectively and improving overall productivity.

Can Avaya phones be used at home?

You would not be able to use the same 5410 phone that is currently being used in the Maryland office because they are digital phones. In order to use the IP-VPN functionality you would need to use a 4600, 5600 or 9600 series Avaya IP Phone. These phones are affordable and easy to use.

How do I setup my Avaya phone?

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How do I access Avaya Session Manager?



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What is system manager in Avaya?

Avaya Aura® System Manager is the intuitive administration and management tool that brings Avaya Aura capabilities to life. Avaya Aura® System Manager centralizes provisioning, maintenance and troubleshooting to simplify and reduce management complexity and solution servicing.

What is Session Manager?

What is a Session Manager? A session manager provides real-time monitoring and control of all privileged account sessions to prevent and to detect malicious activity.