Quick Answer: What Is Required For VoIP?

VoIP hardware consists of a router, modem, and either an ATA or IP phone.

When it comes to VoIP, there is a minimal amount of hardware required to get you connected to your new phone system.

First and foremost, you need to have an internet connection (and, therefore, a router and a modem).

What is needed to make a VoIP call?

Make a VoIP Call Using a Computer

You can use your computer to make and receive your VoIP calls. All you need is a microphone, speakers, a sound card and a fast Internet connection. You can use a client application installed on your computer or a web-based application.

How many MBps do you need for VoIP?

Generally, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) will provide an “up to” speed number, such as “up to 5 Mbps” or “up to 20 Mbps.” As the average VoIP phone call occupies 0.085 Mbps of bandwidth, it’s quite simple to calculate your business’s needs.

Can a normal phone be used for VoIP?

Use Your Regular Phone for VoIP. You can now use any phone to make Voice over Internet (VoIP) calls. Simply wait for the dial tone, and you’re ready to make and receive calls.

What is a VoIP phone number used for?

Phone Numbers and VoIP Origination

In IP communications, the number is just an identifier for making calls on the network. One number can be attached to multiple devices, and a user can make and receive calls from the same VoIP number using their smartphone, desk phone or any other internet-capable device.