Quick Answer: What Kind Of Wood Are Power Poles Made Of?

Douglas fir

What kind of wood are telephones made of?

Poles are typically made from three species: Douglas Fir, Western Red Cedar and Southern Pine. Logs that have the potential to become wood poles are selected in the forest, often while the trees are still standing.

How do you make a power pole?



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How long does a wooden utility pole last?

25 to 37 years

What is on a power pole?

Primary wires are on top of the pole and usually carry 12,000 volts of electricity from a substation. Insulators prevent energized wires from coming in contact with each other or the utility pole. Guy wires help stabilize utility poles. A ground wire runs the entire length of the pole.

What kind of trees do they make telephone poles from?

Pole materials

Southern yellow pine is the most widely used species in the United States; however, many species of long straight trees are used to make utility poles, including Douglas fir, jack pine, lodgepole pine, western red cedar, and Pacific silver fir.

Are telephone poles trees?

Almost any tree can, in theory, be used to make telephone poles, but in practice, here in the United States, they mostly come from the various “yellow pines” of the South (e.g. loblolly pine or shortleaf pine), and a more motley collection of Western conifers (Douglas-fir, red cedar, and lodgepole pine especially).27 Dec 2016

Who is responsible for power line from pole to house?

Meter sockets and power masts attached to a house are the responsibility of the homeowner. OPPD is responsible for the wires from the power pole to the point just before they enter a property’s conduit system.25 Jun 2013

How deep does a power pole go?

Now go 10 feet deep!

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What are the three wires on a power pole?

In the typical scene pictured on the right, the three wires at the top of the poles are the three wires for the 3-phase power. The fourth wire lower on the poles is the ground wire. In some cases there will be additional wires, typically phone or cable TV lines riding on the same poles.