Question: What Network Does TextNow Run On?

Our TextNow phones are powered by nationwide 3G/4G networks, so you can use your device even off of WiFi.

What network does TextNow use?

When there is no WiFi available, our phones will use Sprint’s nationwide data and voice network. Use this map to confirm there is 3G/4G/LTE/Voice coverage in your area. Our SIM Cards utilize nation-wide GSM and CDMA data and voice networks while off wifi.

Does TextNow only work with WIFI?

While on wifi, you can use data through the wifi connection normally. The TextNow Talk & Text Only Plan works exactly like our regular TextNow plans, with the exception of there being no data access when wifi is not available.

Is TextNow Wireless good?

TextNow Wireless might suit your needs; it offers unlimited talk, text and (2G) data starting at just $19 a month. TextNow offers a fairly good phone selection and can help save you money, but the poor call quality and the hand-off issues between Wi-Fi and cellular give us pause.

Can you use TextNow without a SIM card?

If you want to use TextNow without the need for wifi, we offer a number of choices. And if you have a CDMA-enabled smartphone or tablet, we now offer TextNow SIM cards to use your device with our service. You can order a SIM card for your device here!