Question: Where Are WeChat Pictures Saved?

Where is WeChat photo stored?

The images in the WeChat folder as previewed in the file manager of Chrome OS.

For non-images such as compressed files and documents, the files can be found in the folder Android root folder > tencent > MicroMsg > Download.

Where are WeChat messages stored?

Android WeChat messages are stored in EnMicroMsg.db file. Detailed path is: data\data\com .\MicroMsg\database\EnMicroMsg.db.

Tap and hold on the picture to see the options. On the options bar, click on the triangle and choose “More”. Select the WeChat picture you want to save. Click on the “…” icon and then choose “Save to Email.”

Where is WeChat backup stored on PC?

Go to WeChat Settings on PC, then click the General tab, you will find the Manage File option with the current location where your WeChat backup files are saved on your computer. On my computer, the WeChat backups are saved to “C:\Users\Stone\Documents\WeChat Files\”.